Pre-SIHH 2019: rolex submariner replica Cie Pioneer Tourbillon

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Watch industry is obsessed about utility. Watchmakers are constantly telling us how different timekeeping functions can make a difference in a person’s life. This is the second timezone. It is a business trip, and you want to make a call back home without disturbing anyone. You could consult the exact smartphone you used to make the call and find the time, but why spend precious seconds looking at your thumb when you could instead look lovingly at a beautiful, world-travelling watch?

It was practicality that made the wristwatch a popular item over 100 years ago. Pocket watches were not practical for flying and fighting, so everyone - soldier and civilian – was soon wearing a watch. This sense of a trusted,rolex fake indispensable companion is what keeps the industry going, even though it's for different purposes.

rolex submariner replica & Cie's preSIHH announcement of the Pioneer Tourbillon caused a double take. It's described as an "all-terrain" tourbillon with a tough-wearing steel case and water resistance to 120 meters. Tourbillons are divided opinion. Some say they're a wonderful example of the watchmaker’s creative genius, while others think it's an unnecessary complicated addition that provides no timekeeping benefit.

rolex submariner replica & Cie Pioneer Tourbillon

Regardless of your position on this argument, the tourbillon does not usually associate with action. Richard Mille might be able to make an exception, but most tourbillons are kept in watches that are taken with great care and not pushed to the limits.

rolex submariner replica is known for its unique approach to things. The Swiss Icons Watch was created at the last SIHH. It is a mix-up of watches from the most prestigious Swiss brands. The Swiss Mad Watch was released the previous year, and featured a Swiss cheese case to draw attention to the Swiss Made label's shortcomings.

Automated HMC 804 manufacturing movement

Perhaps the idea of a tourbillon that can be used anywhere isn't so crazy after all.Rolex Replica Watches Practicality is not the issue. It really boils down to your personal preference. It is beautiful, as it is with everything Moser. Its impressive water resistance is a reassurance that this watch isn't the fragile flower you might be afraid of. It's best to not go diving in it.

Technical Specifications


Automatic HMC804 manufacture movement with a flat hairspring, minimum three-day power reserve, and an 18K red gold winding wheel. A one-minute flying tourbillon is available at 6 o’clock. It can be assembled and controlled independently from the movement.


Case made of 42.8mm stainless steel, water-resistant to 120 meters


Black alligator leather,rolex submariner replica or black rubber with steel folding clasp and H.Moserlogo engraved