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How to find best flats in Delhi NCR

Are you moving to a rented apartment for quite a long time? It is high time now that you think seriously about buying your own flat. 

You may be quite shocked by hearing our advice. But let us tell you that you can actually be the owner of a flat one day if you become a bit organized. If you want to know how you can go about it, here are the steps. 

Follow them and find the answer to your question - How to find best flats in Delhi NCR or elsewhere and buy one of them.

  • Start saving today 

Your first step in the process is saving. Try to save at least some percentage of your income regularly if you are serious about buying your own home.


This preparedness is necessary because you are supposed to pay a lump sum amount as a down payment. So, be prepared for that. 

  • Set a saving span

You have to set a span till which you will spend and after which you will be prepared to pay your down payment for purchasing your flat. You have to set this timespan right from the day when you start saving. 

In case you want to know how can you set this timespan, let us tell you that it is a simple process. You have to make a quick self-analysis of the time by when you really need to relocate. Then you have to decide how much can you spend on purchasing a property. 

This rough calculation will help you in estimating and finding out how long you need to save money for purchasing a flat. 

  • Research on the properties

Now that you are aware of the final sum that you can spend for buying your own property, your next task of How to find best flats in Delhi NCR or elsewhere would initiate.  

Look into the local newspapers or contact with real estate agents to identify areas where properties of your predetermined prices are available. 

  • Streamline areas 

When you get enough information on the areas were properties of your estimated price range are available, streamline. 

Now you have to narrow down your search to the areas where you really want to relocate. Do not stick to one or two specific areas only. You have to be a bit flexible and consider some adjoining areas too so that everything falls in their places correctly.

  • Look for the projects

When you have streamlined the areas, look for constructional projects that are going on in those areas.  

Here, the advice is that you must consider projects that have been undertaken by reputed construction companies because you will get the best value for the money you invest.

Moreover, visit a few projects before you come to a conclusion.