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Show me the premium Flats in Delhi NCR

If you have bought a new home and decided to relocate, you might be making various arrangements that are holy and auspicious.

For instance, you might be planning to observe some rituals for entering your new home. 

Again, you might have planned to arrange weekly worships and fasting right from the day you have asked your real estate agent  Show me the premium Flats in Delhi NCR or elsewhere to the time you finally relocate.

But you will be surprised to know about the queer ritual that people observe after they relocate to new home.

Scroll down if you have already started feeling inquisitive.


  • Finding out a ‘lucky’ date


As you hail from India, so you must be aware of the tradition that you cannot relocate to your new home whenever you want to.   

You have to refer to the religious texts and manuscripts for finding out the perfect date that is most auspicious for relocating to your new abode.

Moreover, you also have to organize some kind of prayer to your God as part of your housewarming process immediately after you relocate. 


  • Cats must have the first chance


If you have a feline friend in your house, it will come as most handy when you relocate to your new dwelling.

Now let us clear all mysteries related to this.

This tradition is immensely popular in Russia and people follow it with full faith.

What is most fascinating is that you do not have to domesticate a cat for this. Some Russian banks offer loaner cats too for the purpose.


  • The right door is the best one


There is a tradition regarding relocation to new home across Britain as well.

This prescribes that you must select the door located towards the right side of your home as the only entranceway when you first enter your home after its handing over.

However, we do not know for sure what will you do if you do not have a door at the right side of your new home.


  • Disposing the old broom


When you relocate to your new home, you will perhaps dispose off your used broom in your old home.

But you will have to take along all your old and used brooms when you relocate to your new home.  At least this is what the  people in England do.   

The people in England believe that you have to take along all your new old broom and throw it off as soon as you step inside your new home.

By doing this, you will ward off all the bad luck that used to bug your life in your old home. Eventually, you will be able to start a fresh and blissful life.