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Which is the best duplex Apartments near Delhi NCR

Are you planning to buy a new home that will end all your woes related to staying in a rented apartment?  Your real estate agent might ask you questions regarding the type of apartment that would be suitable for you.

If he shows you Which is the best duplex Apartments near Delhi NCR or somewhere else, it might leave you awestruck. The reason perhaps may be your lack of knowledge on features that characterise a duplex apartment.

So, here we are with some information that will help you to upgrade your knowledge on duplex apartments. Watch out!

  • Q1. What does the term ‘duplex’ mean?

The term duplex emerges from the word double units. From here, you might have clearly understood that duplex apartments have two housing units attached to each other.

  • Q.2. How may entrances does a duplex have?

 Since we have already informed you that the basic feature of duplex apartment is that it has two units, so you must simultaneously know that these two units are literally in standalone forms.

That means, there are two separate entrance ways in the same building for entering the two corresponding units in the duplex.

Q.3. Where are the placement of these two residential units in a duplex?

There is no hard and fast rule that the two units of a duplex have to be placed in a particular manner. Therefore, you will find varied forms of duplex.

In some duplex apartments, you will find that these housing units are placed adjacent to each other like that of the townhall.

 Again, in some duplex housings, the housing units are constructed one over the other and resemble the look of a two -storey apartment.

Therefore, the construction of the housing units in a duplex entirely depends upon the decision of the architect, builder and the houseowner.

  • Q.3. What is the distinctive difference between an apartment and a duplex?

As we have said, you will find close resemblance between a two storeyed apartment and a duplex in which one housing unit is placed over the other.

Now you may be a bit confused because you can hardly make out any difference between these two forms of housing unit.

But there are definitely some prominent differences.  The first difference is that the size of duplex is much smaller than that of an apartment. To be more specific, the size of a duplex is somewhat like that of a normal house.

Secondly, there may be multiple owners for each storey of an apartment. In contrast, there is a single owner for the entire duplex.

Thirdly, when duplexes are rented, the entire housing unit is offered on rent. But in case of an apartment, the owner can decide to rent any specific portion  to be rented as per his own will.